IT Recommends

So after looking around online for a good DIY solar panel guide, I ended up settling on the Green DIY Energy Guide. “Why?” You ask.

Ok, I’ll tell you why I chose the Green DIY Energy guide instead of going with one of the other guides (there are a ton to choose from), and some of the pros and cons of it.

I originally was attracted to the Green DIY Energy guide because it seemed to have the best value for its price tag, which was $50. It seemed to give a lot more value than the other similar priced guides. The thing that stuck out to me was that it featured a tutorial video series that looked interesting. The only other guide that I had seen offer tutorial videos was Earth 4 Energy, and Green DIY Energy came with more videos.

After purchasing the guide I quickly downloaded all the guides and videos (it came with several different manuals, some for solar power and some for wind power. There also were different bonuses, about money saving tips and biodiesels). I was anxious to see if the guide was legit, or it was going to be just a bunch of shoddy writing and blurry images that really wouldn’t help the construction process at all.

I was pleasantly surprised to find clear, concise directions, along with a tremendous tutorial video library. There were seven different videos to watch, and each one covered a different aspect of solar panel construction. They were professionally shot videos and I appreciated the host who did a nice job of explaining and narrating what was going on while he built the solar panel. The camera shots were clear and would get right up close to the action when he was doing something more technical.

The Green DIY Energy guide definitely is legit, I would not worry about spending $50 for it. If you are interested in building your own solar panels, but am not an expert, I would purchase a guide like Green DIY Energy. Besides, it has a money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work out for you, you get your money back. Earth 4 Energy would have been my second choice, so you may want to check out that guide as well.

But, whichever guide you go with, definitely don’t give up on the DIY solar panel project! You can do it! And you will not only save money off your monthly electric bill, but you will be helping out the environment by putting less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. You won’t regret building your own solar panels!